It’s all in the detail!

Big jobs like this need to be broken down into smaller bite-sized pieces, and so we’ve been trying to work our way through the compartments one at a time where possible.


But its the small jobs that seem to occupy the time, and new timber mouldings needed to be manufactured to replace the old ones that were removed during re-wiring work.

At the Rowling workshop at Engadine, the wood machinery was set up to machine replacements, and the results are a good match.


Several lengths were machined.


Back at the shed, they receive a coat of undercoat.


We also undercoated the air vents at the same time. These were removed to access the cable chases through the roof line, and will be topped off with Manilla prior to re-fitting.


The roof was sanded prior before applying any undercoat.


In some places, this revealed the original red cedar under the paint work.


For a while there, the roof was looking like patch work, with light fittings dangling from the roof…



But patience pays off, and one by one, the lights are re fitted.


And then the shades were added.


One of the original berth light fittings were refurbished, and fitted in place to remind us of where we are heading…and what we’ve to look forward to.


From the outside, its also looking good.


But there is always more to be done.


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