A look back [2012] – Rewiring L516

L516 is a project that has been at the heart of our volunteer working bees at Eveleigh for several years, but has been put on the back-burner with other projects taking the limelight. But with the SFN overhaul safely behind us, L516 is again progressing to the day when she will be carrying paying passengers.

Regular bloggers from old will recall that L516 began as TAM502 built by Ritchie Bros. Towards the end of its working life it was part of a breakdown train with 240V fluorescent lights and a generator fitted for the work. This unfortunately meant the original 24V DC lighting circuits were almost completely stripped, while any remains were cut off so short that is was almost impossible to re-draw circuits through behind the panelling. Many circuits remained unidentified and cut in several places making tracing the existing circuits almost impossible.


The most simple and straight forward circuit to begin with was the number boards, which was knocked over in a day.

L516_JulyWiring_02     L516_JulyWiring_03

By the end of the week, with 3 out of the 4 circuits near completed, making the car not only look and feel like an old TAM, but also shedding some light on the remaining inner-car jobs that remain for the carpenters and fitters.


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