Time To Shine

We’ve spent the last month or so painting the external body work of the car into gloss enamel, but we’ll come back and paint the frame once the diaphragms and buffing plates are installed. In the mean time, we’ll focus on the many smaller jobs that need to happen.

L516 - ShineTime - pic01

The door jams are stripped of components and undercoated, and will soon be painted into gloss.

L516 - ShineTime - pic02 L516 - ShineTime - pic03

L516 - ShineTime - pic04

Each door has also been stripped, repairs made where necessary, the whole assemblies painted, and new safety glass will be installed.

L516 - ShineTime - pic05 L516 - ShineTime - pic06

Each fan in the compartments is controlled by a switch mounted on a cedar block. The blocks are showing their age, so some refurbishing was called for. They first had the label removed and shellac stripped.

L516 - ShineTime - pic07

Then several layers of shellac were applied and French polished, and the “FAN” label is re-attached.

L516 - ShineTime - pic08

The sills have had several coats of brown paint and are now awaiting installation.

L516 - ShineTime - pic09 L516 - ShineTime - pic10

Each of the nickel plated window runners has been lovingly cleaned with steel wool and polished.

L516 - ShineTime - pic11

Then paired and set aside ready for installation.

L516 - ShineTime - pic12

We’ve also started on the shutter runners, which all need to be sorted, repaired, sanded and painted before we can even think about installing them.

L516 - ShineTime - pic13

With all these different jobs bubbling along, it won’t be too much longer before this old TAM is out and about for the enjoyment of the people of NSW…although some volunteers appear a little more eager than others! It’s great to see younger generations showing an interest in restoration works.

L516 - ShineTime - pic14

More updates soon.


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