About Eveleigh Projects – Our Mission

This blog is the about the ongoing story of restoration of some of New South Wales’s historic passenger carriages and other rolling stock. The story is unfolding as a team of enthusiastic and diverse volunteers, working for the same goal, spend countless hours to achieve their aspirations of preserving the past for the future. The volunteers have backgrounds and careers as diverse as the tasks they are required to undertake.


Please feel free to browse our home page at https://eveleighprojects.wordpress.com/.

Enquiries for working as a volunteer are more than welcome, and can be made on the 3801 Limited website.

We invite you to share our passion and follow this blog and watch as the past is brought to life again.

Photo Contributors: Todd Rowling; Fred Sawyer; Chris Andronicus; Kim Andronicus; Jamie Fisher; Benjamin Murch; Richard Whitford; Thomas Durber; Daniel McQueeney


One thought on “About Eveleigh Projects – Our Mission

  1. Great job – well done.
    Is it possible to find out who makes your external decals – as I am after some for my carriage NAM 2336.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards – John Green

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